2019 Home Design Trends in San Diego

2019 Home Design Trends in San DiegoWelcome to 2019!! With the New Year, comes the opportunity to refresh and re-boot all areas of your life- including your home decor. At this time of year, many homeowners want to declutter, get organized, and try out new looks in their living spaces. Are you one of them? Then read on to find out what experts are predicting will be the hottest home design trends in San Diego, in 2019.

Amazing bathtubs

Life can be a challenge, right? What better way to relax at the end of a hard day than in a magnificent bathtub? Apparently, many San Diego homeowners are on board with this idea. According to the Houzz Bathroom Trend Study for 2018, more than 80 percent of homeowners replace major features like bathtubs when they renovate their master bathrooms. Soaking tubs are on the top of the bathtub wish list, and many homeowners are expanding their bathrooms to accommodate the extra size.

Black and white kitchens

White kitchens have long been popular with San Diego homeowners, but 2019 may see a spike in black accents. These can be added to a white kitchen in the form of black appliances, island accents, and cabinetry. Black is a great choice if you have kids and pets, as it hides dirt and smudges better than white.


Another “hot” trend of 2019 will be fireplaces and fire pits. Fire features can add a cozy ambiance to any living space, whether indoor or outdoor. They can also become a focal point instead of a television, giving you a quiet place to relax and unwind.

Mix-and-match furniture

If you love an eclectic mix of styles, then you’ll be happy to hear that mix-and-match furniture will be big in 2019. Decorating your living room or bedroom with a suite of furniture designed to look the same is on the outs this year. Instead, you’ll see a greater use of furniture from a mix of time periods. Don’t be afraid to pair that family heirloom with a functional piece from IKEA. In 2019, anything goes.


Who doesn’t love the look and feel of velvet? It will be making a serious comeback in 2019. You’ll find it everywhere in San Diego homes- from sofas to bed linens. Velvet adds a wonderful textural dimension to any room and makes it look cozy and rich. If you’re not sure just how to incorporate this luxurious fabric, start small. A lovely throw blanket or a couple of pillows for your sofa can add that touch of sophistication you’re looking for.

Natural finishes

Finally, one of the biggest trends you’ll see in San Diego home design in 2019 is the use of natural finishes. Some of the materials you’ll see in showrooms and living rooms include copper, concrete, stone, granite, bamboo, brick, and reclaimed wood. These natural elements will add an instant warm and cozy feel to any room in your home. Finish off your use of these natural elements by bringing in more of nature with plants and other greenery. Buy houseplants that can live well indoors and even filter toxins out of your air. Or keep it simple with some faux plants that look just like the real thing. What you’ll end up with is a living space that feels grounded and serene.

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