7 Tips for Year-Round Coastal Decor

Beachy Touches Can Be Current- Even In Cooler Months

One of the things we love the most about selling homes in coastal San Diego is the style. Here in the southwestern most corner of the state, we have our coastal chic aesthetic down. A combination of natural fabrics, relaxed styling, and just a wink to that big blue ocean steps away. Not too much. We aren’t tourists, after all, we live here. But what happens when we get into the cooler months and even the holidays? Does that beachy look work just as well in December as July? We think so! Below are our 7 tips for year-round coastal décor.


7 Tips for Year-Round Coastal Decor | Graham and Kelly Levine1. Seagrass, Rattan, Jute and Sisal

Natural fibers for rugs, pillows, lighting, and accessories bring texture and an organic, natural vibe to a space. Baskets and chairbacks are an easy way to bring in that woven look, but if you’re looking for a major impact- try a rope-wrapped chandelier.


2. A Bit of Blue

Whether it’s navy, cobalt, sky, or even turquoise- little punches of blue go a long way in giving you the coastal décor feel you are looking for.


7 Tips for Year-Round Coastal Decor | Graham and Kelly Levine3. Driftwood-like Accents

Coastal décor is relaxed and effortless- so the woods you use should be too. This isn’t the space for high gloss, heavy woods like mahogany and oak. Instead, try something softer, with grey tones and a matte finish, as if it washed up on the beach.


4. Ocean Inspired Artwork

This could be a literal translation, with a big sweeping ocean landscape, or something more nuanced. Try something with fan coral, sand dollars, or vintage boating equipment. Buoys and paddles are a great way to bring in an active take on coastal décor.


7 Tips for Year-Round Coastal Decor | Graham and Kelly Levine5. Beachy Accessories

If you use a light touch- this is where you can get a little playful, especially if the rest of your décor is more neutral. Sea glass, bits of coral, shells, and starfish can be fun additions. To keep it chic and not kitschy- make sure your treasures look more like found items than vacation souvenirs.


6. Comfortable Fabrics

Think light and breezy. White linen slipcovers, cotton, even burlap. Nothing that would be ruined if you kick up your feet, and they still have a bit of sand on them. To bring in a cozier feel for winter- try a large weave natural wool throw blanket.


7 Tips for Year-Round Coastal Decor | Graham and Kelly Levine7. Natural Light

Coastal décor is usually thought of as light, bright, and airy. Though we love a dark stormy day at the beach- a flood of natural light is what works best with a modern beachy look. You can leave windows uncovered to let the sun in, or create your own with daylight style lightbulbs. And the best way to make that light shine is with white walls that bounce the light around the room.

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