How Is The Carlsbad Real Estate Market?

Curious what the Carlsbad real estate market has been doing lately? You certainly aren’t alone. Newspapers, television, websites, and almost every person you pass on the street seem to have an opinion about the real estate market. Unfortunately, most aren’t based on fact, or they are based on large geographic averages, and not our local Carlsbad market. What is happening in New York, Los Angeles, or even the rest of San Diego County, isn’t necessarily a reflection on what is happening here, in Carlsbad. That is why it is so important to get HYPER LOCAL numbers, especially if you are making a decision to sell, or purchase a home. Below we have posted data for the city of Carlsbad, as it stands today. We will also re-post every 2 weeks- so you can get a good idea what is happening in your home town. If you would like more specific, zip code based numbers- give us a call, or shoot us an email. We can also set up an auto email, so you get up to date numbers, sent to your inbox weekly.
Deciding what to do with your home, or whether or not to purchase a new one, is too big a decision to make, without accurate data. We would be happy to keep you abreast of the changes in the Carlsbad real estate market, so you can make an informed, intelligent, decision.

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-Carlsbad Real Estate Statistics-

Median Price of Homes in Carlsbad

The median price tracks the middle range price of homes in the area. Half the homes have sold for more, and half have sold for less.

Carlsbad Real Estate Market | Carlsbad Homes
How is The Carlsbad Real Estate Market? Median Home Price


Total Inventory for Carlsbad

The total inventory tracks how many homes are currently listed for sale, and addresses the issue of “Supply and Demand.” A low inventory, coupled with a low average days on market, indicates that the supply isn’t keeping pace with demand. An increased inventory, with increased days on market, means there isn’t sufficient demand for the number of homes currently for sale.

Carlsbad Real Estate Market | Carlsbad Homes
How is The Carlsbad Real Estate Market? Total Inventory of Homes


Average Days on Market in Carlsbad

The average days on market tracks how long it takes for a home to sell. Shorter days on market indicate a decrease in inventory, and more demand.

Carlsbad Real Estate Market | Carlsbad Homes
How is The Carlsbad Real Estate Market? Average Days on Market


Market Action Index for Carlsbad Real Estate

The market action index answers the question “How’s the market?” by measuring the current rate of sales versus the amount of inventory. Index above 30 implies Seller’s Market conditions. Below 30, conditions favor the buyer.

Carlsbad Real Estate Market | Carlsbad Homes
How is The Carlsbad Real Estate Market? Buyers Market or Sellers Market


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