Mickelle Sturdavant

Graham and the Home Team; We were so happy and lucky to have you represent us. We are in the home of our dreams all because of you. The first time I met Graham I stopped in at one of his open houses. I told him we were wanting to begin the process of finding a home to raise our boys in. He asked what area we were hoping for and what type of house. I gave him a specific street we would like to be on or around, bedrooms and bathrooms we would like, as well as a large backyard for our boys to play in. He delivered on every single request. Poor guy, I was constantly calling him to look at houses and have questions asked. He never got frustrated with me and continued to reassure us that our house was out there. He is very good at his job, always by the book and conducts business professionally. If you are looking for a realtor or just a different one than the one you have, I highly recommend Graham and the Home Team. We enjoyed working with him so much that we are returning customers, and have asked him to sell our rental property.

Thanks Graham and Kelly you are awesome.

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