Video Blog | Why 2 Real Estate Agents Are Flocking Carlsbad With Pink Flamingos

Every night, at the request of neighbors and family members, Carlsbad residents, and local real estate agents Graham and Kelly Levine are “flocking” the lawns of people celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or special event, (with flamingos) free of charge, as a way to bring a smile to neighbors who aren’t able to get together with loved ones to celebrate.

But why?

Our family celebrated two birthdays in April, and though we did everything we were able to while under quarantine, it still felt lacking. We heard about people “flocking” people’s yards with pink lawn flamingos, and thought it sounded like just the thing. We decided we would start doing it for anyone in our town of Carlsbad, who had something to celebrate. Whether it was a birthday or an anniversary, losing a tooth or teacher appreciation- ANYTHING! You guys know that we run a real estate team, and we’re used to 2 things: being busy and helping our community. We hated that we weren’t able to do either, so we started this as a way to stay connected, give back to our neighbors, and keep us away from continually refreshing the news. We are proud to say that the response has been MASSIVE! We have placed over 1,500 flamingos at almost 50 homes so far, and we don’t charge a dime for it! Now, the whole city is involved. We get as many messages from neighbors out “flamingo spotting” as we do from the people getting flocked. Bringing a smile or a giggle to our community during these crazy times has become our mission. And really… who doesn’t love pink flamingos!

For more information about our flock of Carlsbad Flamingos, or if you want to talk real estate, (we’re here for both!)- contact Graham and Kelly at (760)421-1733, or email us at [email protected].

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